Hands up who forgot to put her new release on her own blog…

Look, it’s been busy, okay? In the last six weeks I have left my job, released a story in the Another Place in Time anthology, done a lot of freelance editing work, written a metric ton of blogs for Queer Romance Month including these on historical romance and happy ever afters, announced the sale of my Regency gay romance trilogy to Loveswept, and lined up another project TBA shortly. And it’s my birthday tomorrow. Frankly, I don’t think it’s unreasonable that I forgot to put my own blog tour and new release on my own blog.

*abandons plans to launch social media promotional service company*

FlightOfMagpies300Right, well. Flight of Magpies is out (*cough*yesterday*cough*), the reviews are nice, and you can find the various bits as follows (the giveaway runs till 2 Nov so you may still have time to enter):

I will also be visiting Becky Black in the near future, in the unlikely event you need to hear me communicate ever again….

4 thoughts on “Hands up who forgot to put her new release on her own blog…

  1. Thank you for posting these links – would have missed the deleted scene otherwise. :-p I do have a question: the reviewer seemed to imply that this is the last CoM book. Is that true? It seems (at least to me!) that there are more Lucien and Stephen stories to be told…

  2. I have no more book plans currently. That’s not to say ever but they’ve basically resolved the main issues of relationship conflict for where we are now…though obviously China may present them with a new set of challenges! That, we’ll have to see. But I disapprove of series that pull out the relationship conflict for the sake of more books, and you can’t have a romance without conflict, so this definitely feels like the end of this particular story arc. Which said, I owe a free story, and I’m coming to the conclusion it’s going to be a Magpie 3.5 coda…

    • I, for one, am dying to see how Stephen reacts to China. Also to see some of that wonderful Shanghai world Lucien loves so much! I can’t imagine that poor, sheltered Stephen wouldn’t have conflict-inducing culture shock issues… So much potential!

  3. I’m actually okay with this series being over. It does feel resolved. And I’m looking forward to the upcoming Regency trilogy, plus I’d love to see a sequel to “Think of England”. But of course, you should write whatever you feel like writing.


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