Writing Tips Index

For your convenience, here are a list of links to my main writing and editing tips blog posts.


Editing yourself

Self Editing Tips: Line edits

Self Editing Tips: Development edits

Self-editing: Repetition, echoes, and saying the same thing over and over again

Body Parts All Over the Floor (actually about ‘disembodied parts’ eg ‘fingers crept up her spine’)

Speech Verbs, and Why You Shouldn’t


General writing

Good Bad Language: a post about swearing

Curse you, Captain Exposition! (handling backstory and infodumping)

Anachronism and Accuracy: getting it right in historical novels

Get Some Perspective: musing on different points of view

Giving purpose to your novel (Don’t shoot yourself with Chekhov’s gun)

Lower Your Standards: getting through the book’s babyhood

Finishing Your Book: a handy completion checklist


On publishing in general

Terrible Advice for Aspiring Authors (on approaching publishers and how not to do it)

The Art of the Blurb: How to write back cover copy

Writing the Synopsis: giving the editor what she wants

The Experience of Editing (with glossary) (or, how to take editing)


Reviews and social media

How Authors Should Help Reviewers Write Reviews* (they shouldn’t) (Offsite link)

Ten Ways for Authors to Fail on Social Media

Bad Amazon Review Response Flowchart


and, for giggles:

Being an Editor: The other stuff

How bad book covers happen: the sordid truth

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